Linksys SPA122


Administration Guide
Quick Setup

WebUI Address:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Confirm the IP of the WebUI via IVR:

  1. IVR Menu: Dial ****
  2. Check Local IP Address: Dial 210#


  • Using a paperclip or similar object, press this button briefly to restart the unit.
  • Press and hold for 20 seconds to restore the factory default settings.
    All user-changeable non-default settings will be lost. This may include network and service provider data.

Resetting via IVR:

  1. IVR Menu: Dial ****
  2. Factory Reset: Dial 73738#
    User Factory Reset: Dial 877778#
  3. Confirm: Dial 1 to confirm OR Dial * to cancel.

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